About Us

Our business’ key factores

Italian Design

Prosecco Caffè has been designed by architects from Venice, with authentic Italian furniture.

Plastic Free

We tackled plastic usage so all packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable.

Data Driven

Every aspect of our business is based on careful and precise management of sales data.

No Waste

Every process has been designed with the aim of minimizing product waste.

High traffic Location

Prosecco Caffè is based only in strategic and high traffic locations, within some of the most important shopping centres or outlet centres.

Authentic Prosecco DOC

Only authentic Prosecco DOC has the government seal on the neck of the bottle and it’s never sold on tap or cans.

Our Values


Everything we do is done in complete transparency towards our customers and suppliers. One example is our open kitchen, the preparation of our products is completely visible.


We offer only healthy and authentic Italian products, which fully reflect the Mediterranean diet.


We are aware of the difficult environmental situations that have affected all of us in the world today. We would like to be a part of the change by using sustainable packaging and reducing waste as much as possible.


We have over 20 years experience in the retail sector which has helped develop a successful business. In addition to this, we try to stay up to date and learn to improve on a constant basis.


The passion for our work guides us every day in every choice and action. We love what we do and see our customers satisfied while maintaining a win-win relationship with our partners and suppliers.


Our business is international, but it was created fully respecting the values and tradition of our mother earth, to make its uniqueness known all over the world.